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Welcome to the homepage of "The Complete Creation" video series.

News: The Second Edition is now Complete!  (March 4, 2009)
Watch the videos by clicking here, or peruse the contents of each video down below first.

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Index of video contents:

Part 1:
Who cares?
Creation, Evolution, aliens & I.D.
Where the debate began
Lyell and the old earth
Niagara Falls

Part 2:
Niagara Falls
Temple of Serapis
Polystrate fossils at Joggins, Nova Scotia
Noah's flood - global or local?
What would a global flood do?
Layers and interbedding

Part 3:
Tapeats sandstone
    -Tapeats fossil footprints / potsdam sandstone correlation
Persistence of facies
Dinosaur beds of the Morrison formation
Flattened fossils
Death pose
Crossbedding & flume research
Newts in crossbed formation
Coconino fossil footprints

Part 4:
Coconino fossil footprints & deserts
The present cannot be the key to the past
Giant wave ripples
quartzite boulders of Cypress Hills
absence of evidence for deep time:
    -no soils
    -no erosion
    -no tectonics
    -no meteorites
Parrallel rock layers
Twisted polystrates of Joggins
Rapid continental drift / coriolis effect

Part 5:
Coriolis and continental division
Columbia river basalts
rapid stalactites
Arctic trees
tropical arctic / antarctic
Grand Canyon & Colorado river / water gaps and wind gaps
no geologic column

Part 6:
absence in geologic column
geologic column doesn't exist
rapid accumulation of rock layers
dinosaur eggs and nests
dinosaur tracks
paluxy footprints
humans and dinosaurs
"Not enough water for Noah's flood"

Part 7:
What did Jesus believe?
What did the Apostles believe?
The bible & deep time
Genesis and the gospel message
C14 dating

Part 8:
C14 dating
radiohalos in coal
dating methods show a young earth
Intelligent man and dinosaurs
    -baghdad battery
    -Guadeloupe women
    -cretaceous hammer
    -pot in coal
    -cretaceous human finger

Part 9:
cultural ties - pyramids
Intelligent man in the past
    -trilithon stones
    -acoustical levitation?
Soft dinosaur tissue
T-rex blood vessels
Plesiasaur from New Zealand?
Malachite man - cretaceous skeletons
fossil clams
Paluxy river fossil footprints

Part 10:
Paluxy tracks in detail
Coffee track
living dinosaurs
dinosaurs in ancient art
burial stones
Stasis (nothing changes)
fast fossils

Part 11:
absence of fossils
Fossil non-sequence
Interpreting fossils
Fossil giants
Random assembly of a protein - impossible odds

Part 12:
Natural law / supernatural evolution
Intelligent design
Codendency of living systems (the cell)
Chimp and human DNA 98.4% identical
DNA & deterioration of the genome over time

Part 13:
Deep time kills
non-evolution of the heart
sedimentology experiments
polystrate worms
pre-flood world

Part 14:
Pre-flood world
Kei Mori's tomato plant
hyperbaric biosphere
effects on snake venom
hydroplate theory/global flood
plate tectonics debunked
steam explosions

Part 15:
Hydroplate model
volcanic power
hydroplate division
Intermediate fossils
    -Kadabba dabba doooo
    -Mastropaolo's analysis

Part 16:
Boxgrove man
Collapse of homology
feathered dinosaurs
missing ancestors
Genesis & the chinese

Part 17:
Genesis & the Chinese
The Miao Peoples and their poem
Confucius and the prophecy
The big bang, conservation of angular momentum
Saturn's rings
Earth's magnetic field
Speed of light/distant star light

Part 18:
The First cause
Q&A from the floor

Part 19:
Answering the detractors, part 1:
-Tip-toe through the Tapeats (response to tapeats fossil footprints
-one wave produces multiple layers
-T-rex red blood cells & soft tissue

Part 20: (answering the detractors, part 2)

Columbia river flood basalts
Polystrate trees
Noah's ark feasibility

Part 21:
Mt. Ararat stratovolcano argument
Radiometric dating: A case study with skull 1470
Radiometric dating: A case study, Grand Canyon
"You're a liar!"

Part 22:
Further resources
Hominid fossils - exhaustive overview