About this series

The Complete Creation video series was built as an exhaustive video library covering the creation / evolution debate within the Biblical, Young-Earth Creation framework. Researcher and host Ian Juby critically analyzes and expounds upon the history, philosophy and science of the debate, and what the Bible actually reveals. Surprisingly, even Jesus had something to say about this debate. During production, the furor of UFO’s and aliens became a mainstream news topic because of a report being delivered to the U.S. Senate. By strong request, Ian temporarily halted production of the Complete Creation series to produce a four part mini-series on the topic of UFO’s, Aliens and Genesis. Surprisingly, that topic is firmly rooted in the origins debate and the mini-series has been included as part of the Complete Creation series.

Your Host, Ian Juby:

Since 1990, Ian Juby has studied and lectured on the creation / evolution topic all over the world. He has conducted first hand research all over North America and composed multiple peer-reviewed papers from his research mostly on fossils and geology. With multiple guest appearances on international television since 2002, in 2012 he became the host and producer of Genesis Week, a weekly television program airing internationally. He is currently the director of Citizens for Origins Research and Education, a Canadian charity devoted to educating the public on the origins topic. Owner of Canada’s first Creation Science museum, he has acted as a consultant for multiple creation museums around the world and constructed exhibits now on display in ten different creation museums around North America.